Omega project

1925 Omega 2.5hp
William James Green first began making motorcycles at Croft Road, Coventry in 1919. His first Omega motorcycles were unveiled at the 1919 International Cycle, Motorcycle, and Accessories exhibition at Olympia in London.
This 293cc model was donated to the museum after languishing in a Warwickshire workshop for decades. It was actually first registered to William Green himself, before passing through several hands.

Slow but steady progress over the last couple of months have seen the Omega taking shape.
Work continues on re-assembly.

Steady progress over the last few months as painting was completed and re-assembly started.

Photos show the frame in its cradle as assembly begins.
And the engine/gearbox installed in the frame.

Work has now turned to painting the frame, mudguards, and no end of small brackets. Once this is complete the final assembly of the bike can begin.


The gearbox has been reassembled and appears sound.
The new piston and rings have arrived and the engine barrel has been painted.
The engine is now assembled, valves ground in, magneto fitted and static timed.

Good progress has been made with rebuilding the engine and the valve seats have been re-cut. The flywheel is a tight fit and it may be that new bushes in the casing need a skim.
The gearbox has been rebuilt with a new bearing.

A rather slow 6 months while discussions on the correct sequence of the rebuild take place.
Work has now restarted and one or two components already out for repair have been returned after completion. The magneto rebuild is complete and some progress has been made with the engine. Various small items have been sent away for nickel plating.
The gearbox has been stripped to identify some float in the mainshaft. It appears a spacer is missing and a bearing needs to be rebuilt or replaced.
The saddle is also receiving some attention and the saddle springs have been repainted.

The engine is now away having a bottom end rebuild. Another company has been contacted with a view to manufacturing a new piston.

Very little progress over the past couple of months, partly due to team members holidays and various Bank holidays. Dave Mac reports that the engine is a basket case, so a decision must be made to either spend money on remaking various parts, or to look for a replacement engine.


Pictured left is the bike in trial assembly, the engine represented by a block of wood. Initial inspection showed major problems with the engine and Dave Mac is now making a detailed inspection to determine the best way to proceed.
On a more positive note the fuel tank leaks have been repaired and it is now fit for service.

A trial assembly of the bike has been completed, and it has now been dis-assembled again ready for paint. Discussions continue on the type of paint to be used.
The engine has been stripped down and is being examined to establish what can be re-conditioned and what needs to be renewed.


The Motorcycle group start the new year in fine form, with the wheels having now been returned to us, completely rebuilt, painted, and fitted with new tyres. Our thanks to James Wheildon of Salisbury for his excellent work on the wheels.
The front mudguard has also been repaired, as can be seen in the photo, which shows the trial assembly of front forks, mudguard, and wheel.
The fuel tank has also received some attention and is presently being checked for leaks.
Meanwhile Vintage & Veteran who let us photograph their Omega last year have a new website that is worth a look.

The frame and many of the brackets and components are now back with us after being de-rusted and primered (see photo left). Some of the smaller brackets were also treated to a black powder coat finish, but when examined the coating was too thick and the look too 'plasticky' to be realistic. So more work is underway to find a suitable paint finish for all items.
Trial assembly of components to frame is now underway to ensure proper fit, and identify whatever may be missing.

The workshop is almost empty at the moment as many parts are away with specialists.
After the tyres were cut from the rims agreement was reached on how best to de-rust the wheels. This work is now under way and we look forward to seeing them again when rebuilt, with spokes and rims painted in the agreed colours.
The frame is also away being de-rusted and painted so the group are left with refurbishing the odds and ends. The engine is still sitting on the bench so maybe that will come in for some attention soon.

Parts are now being assessed to decide how best to repair / replace them.
James Wheildon, the Wheelbuilder who offered his services to us at last year's Classic Car Show, has now been contacted will soon be inspecting the wheels in order to give a quote for their repair.

The stripped down Omega

A fairly slow month or two, broken up by several Bank Holidays. Recent weeks have seen the Omega stripped down and photographed, and now some seized nuts and bolts are being persuaded to release by various methods.


A little research prior to starting work on the Omega.
Three members of the motorcycle group made a visit to Vintage & Veteran on the outskirts of Burton-on-Trent.
Proprietors Ken and Phil made us welcome and showed us a some of the classic bikes they have for sale (see photo left).

Our plan was to view and photograph an Omega they have for sale, and this was duly wheeled outside for us pore over. They were even kind enough to start the machine for us, and it ran really well.  Although not an identical model to ours the visit proved useful, and the detailed photos taken will no doubt come in handy during the restoration.

From 12th to 14th November the Omega was on show at the NEC Classic Bike Show (photo left), where several Friends helped to man the stand. Plenty of interest was shown in the un-restored bike, and several interesting offers of help were received. James Wheildon, a wheelbuilder from Salisbury would like to assist with the wheels. Vintage & Veteran in Burton-on-Trent have a similar machine for sale and are happy for us to visit and take photos. Simon Wright, a freelance photographer is interested in compiling a record of the restoration.